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Jeta Software has its state-of-the-art offshore software development center located in NOIDA, an adjoining techno township of New Delhi, India.

Jeta Software´s facility incorporates world-class technology infrastructure with a focus on reliability, security and scalability. Jeta Software has a comprehensive physical security setup that ensures all project documents, data, media and services are secure and protected at all times.

Physical Security

  • Security guards controlled building access 365/24/7
  • Video Surveillance
  • Smart Card Access
  • Fire protection

Jeta Software has a comprehensive physical security policy and setup that ensures all project documents, data and services are secure and protected at all times. To read more about our Security Policy, click here.

We regularly carry out of self-appraisal and improve our capabilities to serve our clients in a better way. At Jeta Software, we imbibe following core values in our daily work place practices so that our business solutions meet or exceed our clients’ expectations:

  • Customer-Centric Approach – We commit ourselves to serving our clients with outstanding solutions/services in time-bound, confidential, cost-efficient manner
  • Complete Collaboration - We see our clients as an extension of our organization and inculcate spirit of cooperation to work with us towards fulfillment of their goals
  • Team Spirit – Our employees are our family members bound together by common objective to achieve excellence in their work sphere and help Jeta Software achieve its set goals
  • Personal Growth – Employees are valuable asset of organization and at Jeta Software, we ensure that they grow on professional and personal levels, and contribute zealously to the betterment of the organization and its clients
  • Excellence and Efficiency – We value our clients’ investment of their time and money with us and reciprocate it with our excellent output that enhances their core business efficiency


Internet Redundancy - 2 parallel reliable high speed (8 mbps) fibre optic lines from two seperate providers (TATA and Airtel). In addition we have 4 broadband DSL connections from three separate providers (Airtel, BSNL, Reliance)

Communication Redundancy- 30 Landlines and 10 VoIP lines from two separate VoIP service providers

VoIP Connectivity- Microsoft Lynx based VoIP Unified Communication System being used across geographies

Scalable Network Architecture and Systems - We have a gigabit network using state of the art Nortel Switches along with highly secure wireless routers from Cisco.

Scalable Cabling Design - We have 15 year certified and documented cabling design and implementation from Alcatel-Lucent.

Network Security - Firewall Protection from Cisco

Real Time Virus Protection - Award winning Anti-Virus protection by Microsoft Forefront

Cloud Based Infrastructure - Email provided by Microsoft Hosted Exchange 2010, Collaboration using Microsoft hosted SharePoint 2010, Web-based meeting colloboration by Microsoft Live Meeting, Microsoft Lynx and GoToMeeting.

Latest Workstations - Latest workstations and laptops based on Intel Core i3/i5/i7 with 8GB or higher RAM

High-End Servers - Intel Quad Core Xeon Servers with 16/32/64 GB RAM virtualized using Windows Server 2008 R2 HyperV and VMWare

Regular Data Backup - Daily and Incremental back up by Symantec Veritas Backup Exec with media stored in fire proof safe along with offsite media storage. We also use secure and reliable online back up services.

Disaster Management - Fully documented Disaster Recovery Plan.

Regular Preventive Maintenance on Operating systems and Software

24/7/365 Power Availability - Two 300 KVA Diesel Power Generator plus one 60 KVA Diesel Power Generator for night shift and UPS.

Licensed Software - Unlike our peers we are fully compliant with our software licenses. We also use open source softwares internally.

Other Services - Comprehensive Intranet for the company, Project Management using Microsoft Project Enterprise Server, Cloud based Customer Relationship Management (CRM) using and Internal Office communication and knowledge sharing using Office 365.