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Educational Institutes like colleges, schools and training centers are large environment in themselves and it becomes time consuming and burdensome task for the Institute Management staff to manually control all the activities. This where Institute management software lends a helping hand to the administrators and irons out the existing shortcomings in the system to create an interactive Institute management environment that is user friendly and gives them access to required information, at click of buttons.

We, Jeta Software Information Technology provide bespoke institute solution named EduERP that helps in smooth and effortless functioning of institutions and school. It has been designed by closely observing requirements of Educational Institutes to eliminate complicated operations and run an efficient management of schools and colleges. Our Institute Management Solution helps deliver effective and competitive education with its seamless, flexible, and user-friendly interface which is easy for users even with little computer knowledge. Following are key modules of EduERP:

  • Front Desk Management- Manage all activities ranging from handling queries of prospective students and their admission, to creation of individual profiles and maintaining records of paid or pending fees.
  • Student Management- Tracks activities of students’ in the classroom/campus and provides teachers/administrators tools to plan courses and student batches. This module also helps administrator to create timetables for exams and classroom. It allocates teachers and assignment to students and maintains records of disciplinary actions taken against erring students
  • Campus Management- This module is made of up of different sub-modules, which help administrators manage different areas of the campus like canteen, library, hostel, classroom and laboratory in flawless manner
  • Administration Management- Grants user right and defines user roles so that concerned employees can work according to their designated roles to manage the entire Institute from their work stations. Manages payroll, events in college or school campus and co-ordinates internal and external communication

Benefits of Implementing Our Institute Management Software

There are immense benefits of implementing the right college management or school management software and they are mentioned below:

  • Empowers administrators to access any information at any given time
  • Streamlines and accelerates entire administrative cycle to save time
  • Provides transparency across the system for good of stakeholders
  • Helps stakeholder to stay informed so that they can take right decisions
  • Roots our redundant processes and helps administrators to lower Institute running costs
  • Connects students, parents/guardians, administrators and tutors on a common platform for quick, easy and smooth settlement of issues

Jeta Software designs and develops school and college management solutions so that administrators can achieve higher efficiency in day-to-day running of their Institute to lower operating costs and provide greater satisfaction to all involved stakeholders.