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RMS - Real Estate Software Solution for Realtors

Jeta Software offers Real Estate software, known as Real Estate Management Solution (RMS). This software for Real Estate is an integration of Property Management features with CRM, which helps real estate agent or property builder like you to capture genuine leads and convert them into successful business deals.

Key Functionalities

RMS can be split in to two broad categories; Property Management and Customer Relationship Management (CRM).Following are its key functionalities:

Property Management

This part of our Real Estate software solution defines entire property lifecycle from its listing to sale. The Property Management part of RMS helps you efficiently manage property or real estate project through following features:

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

The CRM part of RMS works as your e-marketing manager and takes care of all the sales activities, right from lead generation to deal closure, though following modules and sub-modules:

  • Lead Management- Tracks, captures and stores incoming leads for later follow up
  • Enquiry Management - This sub-module captures and matches all your clients enquiries with respective property listings as an initial part of sales cycle
  • Opportunity Management - This feature helps you pursue captured leads by following standard sales channel practice
  • Campaign Management-Manages your broader customer segment through mass email and SMS campaigns, with client- response tracking or feedback mechanism
  • Contact Management- This module captures and stores names, addresses, email Ids, telephone numbers and other contact information accumulated from leads and enquirers for later follow-up
  • Account Management- Manages accounts of your different clients
  • Deal Management - Captures finalised deals against property enquiry. Manages deal cycle enquiries , negotiations, payments/transactions, document management and closure
  • Activity Management - This sub-module keeps track of all the activities, like customer enquiries, property listings accessed, leads development, staff monitoring, to and fro flow of information in form or email, alerts, reminders, enquiries, etc.
  • MIS Reports- Provides comprehensive reporting solutions to your staff, which includes summary to detailed reports on your employees’ performance, marketing campaigns and customer deals.

Benefits of Our Real Estate Software

Whether you are Real estate agent or property builder our Real Estate Management Solution (RMS) leverages your Realty business in following ways:

  • Tracks and captures leads to open window of opportunity for you
  • List properties in different groups, for easy search and view
  • Searches and filters out quality leads which you can convert into deals
  • Segregates users as sellers, buyers and renters, and feeds them with updates from central repository to create viable business opportunities
  • Creates custom fields to give you good idea about likings of potential customers so that you can serve them accordingly
  • Saves and stores contacts, and other details for lead development, follow-up and conversion
  • Maintains complete record of sales cycles on individual client basis and generates reports, which can be exported out of the system
  • Matches your properties listings with other agents’ properties
  • Collaborates with other property developers/ agents by sharing mutually beneficial information on Real Estate
  • Matches properties to potential buyers/renters and shoot them alerts to create business opportunity for you
  • Only authorized administrators can edit, update, delete, add or modify data from central repository. This make our Real Estate software very secure for your business as no external user or unauthorized internal user can illegally access, misuse and destroy data

RMS helps you build and serve a vast client base at lower operating costs. Change your marketing strategy by adopting our configurable real estate software solution and reap the benefits that come with it.